What makes Define My Day different from other planners?

Define My Day was created by a father, husband, and business owner as a way to cut the clutter in life. With little time to add MORE things to do, Define My Day is meant to be easy to follow, quick to accomplish, and flexible enough to work for anyone in any position or any season of life.

Is there a calendar?

No! Define My Day does not have a calendar for a few reasons:

First, while we believe in putting pen to paper when planning goals and journaling, we also know that most people use calendars on their computers, tablets and phones.

Second, keeping a schedule and defining your vision, goals, and focus areas are different. We want you to break free from living a schedule and begin living life according to your priorities.

Third, we know what we’re good at. Designing calendars is not one of those things.

Why are there 28 days in each Define My Day planner?

Size. Any more and the book would be too big to carry around.

Even more, we didn’t want to make it fit into a calendar month. A huge component of Define My Day is routine and we needed to encourage it in our design. For instance, we want you to go through the same process each day, week, and month. If you begin Day 1 of Define My Day on a Monday, Monday will always be the first day of each book and week. Your review days will always occur on the same days.

If we included 30 or 31 days, your last day would always change. You would begin a new book mid-week or be tempted to wait to begin the next one the next Monday, breaking your routine. We do not want our users to line up their Define My Day planner with their calendar. We don’t want you to wait for the beginning of a month to start. We want you to see life independent of the calendar month.

Every component of Define My Day has been created with one reason in mind: to encourage you to become more focused on your priorities. Having a healthy, stable routine is key.

What else comes with Define My Day?

Every person that receives Define My Day is a valued member of our community. We have an amazing group of people taking control of their days with Define My Day that support each other in our quest to be a little better each day.

We do live sessions in the group each month to discuss struggles, helpful tips, and new ways of making the most of our days.

How can Define My Day help me?

Define My Day is a tool that helps you focus on priorities that move you toward your goals. It has a short process to help identify key monthly goals in your personal and professional life while also helping to build a daily routine. There are weekly milestones and a daily framework to maintain focus, identify and avoid distractions, create a positive mindset, and review your progress through a nightly journal Q&A.

We also have a dedicated and supportive community of users the help each other daily with problems and tips to become a bit better each day.

A hammer doesn’t build a house itself but it’s an invaluable tool. Without it, building a home so much more difficult. We view Define My Day the same way… a tool but you are the answer… Define My Day just makes your job easier.

Purchasing Define My Day will help you if you commit to the process but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Put pen to paper each day and make adjustments as you go. This process will help you make incredible positive changes but, in the end, it’s only a book. The hard work is in the actions you take. We’re always here to help if you need us.

I received mine, how should I start?

You should have welcome emails from us. If not, click the green “HELP” button below and we’ll look into it for you.

In those emails are quick tips to get started with Define My Day. However, here are a few to get you started:

1. Decide on a start date. We recommend the nearest Sunday. Take the time to follow the planning process and prepare for “Day 1” to be Monday morning.

2. Schedule 10 minutes each morning to “define your day”

3. Watch our YouTube walkthrough.

4. Join the private user group. We have thousands of awesome users going through this process just like you. Any questions about Define My Day or personal growth in general can probably be answered in there. Instructions are in your welcome email.

5. JUST BEGIN! Don’t worry if you are doing it right. Part of the process is growing your self-awareness. You will mess up. You will have setbacks. That’s part of the process! Nobody is grading you. Just keep pushing and the fog will lift.

How can I return it?

Thousands of people are changing their lives with this process. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. We understand that but if you’ve tried other methods and they all haven’t worked, maybe it’s time to follow this one and see what happens.

If you still want to return your order, we’re happy to accept returns within 30 days. Click “HELP” below and we’ll send you return instructions. 

Get in touch.

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