Helping you become your most healthy and fulfilled self.

Go from “Spread too thin” to focused 

That’s our whole goal. Taking you from overwhelmed and pulled in many directions to focused and moving toward your dreams.

Define My Day is a simple, easy-to-follow daily process that helps you develop mindfulness, discipline, and focus while avoiding the activities and actions that pull you away from where you want to be.

You deserve to live life happy and fulfilled. Define My Day is the tool that can help get you there.



Daily disciplines help you create new healthy habits that increase your efficiency and energy.

Priority Focus

Place focused effort toward the tasks that move you in the direction of your vision.


It’s everything. Daily practices help you move toward a feeling of growth and apprecation.



The daily habit of writing your thoughts and feelings provides immense clarity.

Goal Setting & Review

Create 4-week goals and weekly milestones to make each achievement manageable.



Join a community of people striving to become their best selves through small daily steps.

The 10-Minute Process to Reach Your Goals

Define My Day is the perfect combination of structure and flexibility for your professional and personal life. Go as far and fast as you desire with our unique 10-minute process.

Small steps of daily improvement create big results over time.

Your tool to move forward

What a day looks like

Each day follows the same process of identifying priorities, setting mindset, and anticipating distractions to be avoided. At the end of the day, we review our progress and set our intentions for tomorrow.


Priorities are the activities that are most important to accomplish today. They should directly support your weekly milestones and overall goals, although they don’t always have to. Sometimes, our priorities are someone else’s goals that we’re responsible for. That’s ok too as long as we’re aware and focus time on ourselves too.

Each priority can have tasks (or steps) associated with getting it done. For instance, a project may have multiple steps.

“Dinner Date” may be a priority to support your relationship goals. Tasks may be: 1. Make reservations 2. buy flowers or a new outfit, and finally, to  3. be present and enjoy the evening. It’s all up to you.

You may only have one priority for a day. That’s perfect! Get it done!

I appreciate

Shifting your mindset toward appreciation is huge. It’s impossible to be upset and appreciative at the same time. Try it!

When you shift your mind toward appreciation, you give grace to yourself and others. You begin to see a world with opportunity and gratitude.

Today I will avoid

Distraction is the enemy of a Defined Life. It’s like running a race where someone is always trying to pull you to the sidewalk for a hotdog. We all have our distractions and vices. The key is to identify them, become aware of their negative impact on our lives, and develop strategies to avoid them.

Today I get to enjoy

This section serves two purposes.

First, it sets the anticipation for what good you have coming to you. Even in the most difficult times, we have some good around us. It’s important to notice it every day.

Second, this can also be a reward system. Especially when trying to first build the Define My Day habit, creating a reward for accomplishing your daily priorities can be a big motivator.

For instance, a you may reward yourself with your favorite TV show of you accomplish Priority 1. If you don’t accomplish it, no TV. Hold yourself to it and after a few days, you’ll be on track.

Today's Theme

The theme for today is a brief summary of your page. It can be one word or a motivating phrase.

Examples include: “Keep moving forward”, “I’ve got this”, “enjoy the day!” or even, “hard times pass”.

It’s up to you. What’s your theme for today?

Notes Column

To the right of each daily page is a blank column for your notes. It may be a place to jot idea, to-do list items, or write a schedule. It’s also a great place to write a fresh inspirational quote for the day!

it’s your life, live it fully

Nobody should live with regret for not living their best life. Each day is a gift. Make the most of your days by defining them and moving toward your goals.